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I am just a human being trying to gather knowledge in order to understand this fenomenal place that we call home and its fundamental laws. As a physicist I use experiment and mathematics to uncover the mysteries of the quantum world, controlling atomic interactions using electromagnetic fields, creating highly excited and interacting quantum states. Studying Rydberg atoms has been the core of my academic research. 



2005 - 2008

São Paulo State University - UNESP

Major in physics.

2009 - 2010

University of São Paulo - USP

Master in physics (Atomic Physics)

2011 - 2014

University of São Paulo - USP

Phd in physics (Atomic Physics)

2015 - 2016

Durham University  - United Kingdom

Postdoc Researcher (Atmol group)

  • Rydberg-Rydberg interactions

  • Interference effects in cold and hot atomic samples

  • Rydberg blockade in thermal atomic samples

  • Cooling and trapping atoms

  • Single photon generation and non linear effects


Prof. Dr. Charles Adams

(JQC-Durham/Newcastle, UK)

Dr. Kevin Weatherill

(JQC-Durham/Newcastle, UK)

Mr. Nikola Sibalic

(JQC-Durham/Newcastle, UK)

Mr. Christopher Wade

(JQC-Durham/Newcastle, UK)

Dr. Natalia de Melo

     (UFPE - Dept. Física, BR)

Prof. Dr. Luis Gustavo Marcasa


Mr. Luis F. Gonçalves


Donald Booth

(University of Wisconsin)

James Shaffer

(University of Oklahoma)

Lúcio Sartori Farenzena


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