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Prof. Dr. Jorge D. Massayuki Kondo


I am adjunct professor at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), at the beautiful city of Florianópolis at the south of Brazil. My research is related to Atomic Physics with both hot vapor and ultra-cold atomic systems. During a period of time I got he chance to work in Durham UK, developing post doctoral research in atomic physics at Durham University in United Kingdom, an effort led by the JQC (Joint Quantum Centre - Durham / New Castle) in the study of nonlinear phenomena of a few photons mediated by strong interactions between Rydberg states. I got a Phd working in atomic and molecular physics, at the University of São Paulo (USP) campus of São Carlos at the Atomic Interactions Laboratory - LIA, while developing research studying interactions between Rydberg atoms using ultracold samples of rubidium 85 trapped in optical and magneto-optical traps. This webpage Atomo Brasil is a hub for new research and collaborations.  


A new article from Harvard University published on Science Magazine just brought interesting and worrying prediction about the postpandemic landscape in short term scenario. The researchers present simulations based on well-known postpandemic parameters from other beta coronaviruses strains.

Quadrupolar electric field electrodes

As Rydberg atoms are quite sensible to electromagnetic field is very important to control every stray electric field present at the sample. For this a set of 8 independent electrodes were build as delivery a 3-dimensional control over the field inside a UHV chamber.

Hot atomic sample

Projeto de pesquisa: Explorando estados não clãssicos da luz em amostras atômicas ultrafrias e quentes.

Tem como objetivo o estudo de interferências quânticas EIT e EIA em amostras atômicas quentes e frias, utilizando estados de Rydberg altamente excitados.

Quantum and Classical Systems with Long-Range Interactions
15 to 19.07.2019 - Natal, Brazil


3rd International Workshop on Ultracold Rydberg Physics
2 to 5.12.2018 - Recife, Brazil
Advances in Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Atoms
29 to 02.11.2018 - Natal, Brazil
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